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Re: System won't boot with USB CardReader plugged in...

Hm, I guess I'll receive heaps of spam shortly, then :( Anyway, you're right, 
my spam filter should be sufficient...
Thanks a lot!

Am Dienstag, 7. Juni 2005 09:47 schrieb Jochen Schulz:
> Hi Jan,
> Sorry that I cannot help with your problem, but:
> Jan Leewe Behrendt:
> > p.s: I signed up for this mailing list yesterday and without really
> > thinking about it I chose my usual email adress... Is this a bad idea and
> > should I rather chose a "junk-box" for this purpose due to spam problems?
> Let's say: you should have done that, if until now you have tried to
> keep this address from being spammed. But I guess now it's too late.
> This mailing list's archive is publicly available and as far as I know
> there is no address mangling so most probably you will not only get spam
> through the list (although that's not very much, I think) but also
> directly to your address.
> I for one gave up trying to keep some addresses "clean". I find it
> easier to use a good spam filter (crm114 in my case) and skim through
> the results for false positives (which are quite rare).
> J.

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