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Re: HP Proliant DL360 G3 memory issue

> First, don't top post.

Deal with it.

> Second:  Look in /var/log/dmesg.  On a 2.6.12-rc4, 4G kernel, 1G phys RAM,
> I have some lines very near the top:
> 127MB HIGHMEM available.
> 896MB LOWMEM available.
> On another box, 2.4.23, 64G kernel, 6G phys:
> 5248MB HIGHMEM available.
> 896MB LOWMEM available.

I ended up compiling a 2.4.31 kernel from source with the appropriate
settings for the particular hardware as well as HIGHMEM and it now see's
all the memory:

#~> free
         total      used       free     shared    buffers    cached
Mem:   3105300     252836    2852464      0       8676       34916
-/+ buffers/cache: 209244    2896056
Swap:   999592          0     999592

Thanks again for you help.

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