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Woody to Sarge "stable"?

I've got about 30 systems running woody right now and they automatically keep themselves up to date using cron-apt (I actually have it apply the updates). I've only been a Debian user for a little over a year but have been very impressed with the stability of the system and how well the updates to stable are truly stable and don't tend to break things.

I've never been through a major version upgrade in a Debian release. I've done a few woody to sarge manual updates and had to do some hand-holding and fix a few things. My sources.list files are using specifically "stable" and I'm wondering what happens when the Sarge big, red, shiny, candy-like button gets pressed. Do all my systems go and try to install Sarge? I'm guessing probably "yes", but will we get a nice announcement with a fair warning period?

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