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HP Proliant DL360 G3 memory issue

Hello all,

I currently have an HP Proliant DL360 G3 with two 2.8 GHz Xeon
processors, SmartArray 5i, and 1024 MB of memory installed currently.  I
wanted to install more memory so I purchased and installed 2 GB more to
make a grand total of 3 GB of system memory (PC2100 DDR ECC) -- 2x512 MB
sticks and 2x1024 MB sticks.  

Upon boot-up the BIOS detects all 3 GB, but once I boot into Linux it
only registers as 900264 KB.  I've tried checking the BIOS on the server
and it is set as "Linux" for the OS selection.  I have also tried
re-seating the existing memory as well as installing only the new,
but either way the OS only recognizes 900264 KB of the system RAM
(whether it be with the original 1 GB or with the 3 GB).  

Additionally, I have also tried different kernel versions, with no real
results.  The system currently is running Debian Woody (kernel
2.4.18-SMP).  I've tried a Sarge install disk with 2.4.27 and it
actually detected less (901644 KB, IIRC) and also a Knoppix 3.8 disk
with 2.6.11 and it only detected 1034240 KB -- still not all the system
memory.  The hardware should support up to 8 GB.

At this point I'm thinking it isn't so much a Linux kernel issue but the 
BIOS/firmware on the Proliant DL360 G3 itself.  Either in a BIOS setting
or perhaps a bug in the current version (which I don't recall off hand,
but considering I've never upgraded it since it was bought it probably
still has the stock version).  I was hoping someone else had had a
similar experience and was able to fix it or could direct me to where I
might find an answer and a solution to this issue.  I have also searched
the Debian archive and HP support forums with little luck.

Thanks again.

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