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Re: lilo to grub conversion

s. keeling wrote:
Incoming from Graham Smith:

Alex Malinovich wrote:

On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 15:36 +0100, Graham Smith wrote:

I am running a testing machine that is currently using lilo for it's boot loader. I would like to switch this to grub but I am a little confused about how to go ahead and do this.

There are some pretty easy to follow directions to be found
in /usr/share/doc/grub/README.Debian.gz

Ok I have read the instructions but I am a little confused / concerned about the section on initrd images larger that 4MB (4194304 bytes). Almost all the stock initrd images are larger than 4MB (initrd.img-2.6.8-2-386 is 4317184 bytes and is the one I want to use) but the menu.lst files on my other machines (which all use grub already) don't have a ramdisk_size=16384 option anywhere. Where would I put this option anyway as the documentation is a little vague - I presume it should be after kopt eg:


I don't use it but mine has a comment:

   # kopt_2_6_0=ramdisk_size=8192 root=/dev/hda9 ro acpi=yes

Thanks for the help. You do actually have a non-default ramdisk size. The default is 4MB you are using 8. The "comment" isn't really a comment as such. It's actually a bit of magic that is used by update-grub. To be on the safe side I stuck a ramdisk_size=16384 on my kopt.

To the world in general: I'm am still interested to know whether the machine would have booted with out this option being added. If not then shouldn't update-grub probe the size of initrd images and check to make sure they are all smaller than 4MB, adding the required ramdisk_size option if they aren't? It seems to me like this would be a very simple extension as update-grub is doing it's magic on a currently running system it should be easy to find the size of the various files.

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