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Re: ppracer much slower than tuxracer

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En/La Marty ha escrit, a 24/05/05 21:44:
| I am running Debian testing which has recently transitioned from tuxracer
| to ppracer 0.3.1.
| The game has slowed by at least an order of magnitude, based on
| side-by-side testing with a backed-up copy of old tuxracer.  The results
| are consistent after trying several graphics cards.  With old Tuxracer I
| get 20-30fps, while ppracer gives 2-5fps.  (The tested cards refresh
| glxgears
| at 250-730fps).
| These results were seen on older hardware (K6-3 450MHz w/first gen 3D
| graphics cards).  I can understand how this problem might not be as
| noticable
| on fast hardware.
I can't give you comparative figures since when I installed ppracer it
apparently removes tuxracer which I gather is no longer supported. I get
roughly 110 fps on ppracer and around 1515 on glxgears (ATI Radeon 9550
with 256Mb). Since we're on the subject of ppracer. Can anyone tell me
how to get the music to work. The sound effects are fine but they're
.wav files. I installed cheesetracker and checked the music box on the
ppracer config menu (I'm running version 0.3.1) and I can play the .it
files individually in cheesetracker but I need to plug in the
cheesetracker into ppracer. Since no one is complaining about lack of
music, I assume I'm an idiot so could you give me a hint on how to do it?
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