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Re: cvs pserver drives me crazy :(

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 04:36:46PM +0200, Markus.Grunwald@pruftechnik.com wrote:
> Can someone please explain to me, why cvs-pserver isn't working on my 
> debian testing box ?
> I configured cvs with "dpkg-reconfigure cvs" to use /srv/cvs for the 
> repository and to use cvspserver.
> This happens when I try to login:
> gru@PT-AGCMLX1 >cvs  -d :pserver:gru@ login
> Logging in to :pserver:gru@
> CVS password: 
> /srv/cvs: no such repository

Usually, you'd get this message when the repository you're trying to
access is not specified via any of the --allow-root options passed to
the server.  Don't know why, but it looks like something went wrong
with the reconfigure...  What does your /etc/cvs-pserver.conf contain
(in particular CVS_PSERV_REPOS)?

> /var/log/syslog says:
> May 20 16:06:28 PT-AGCMLX1 cvs-pserver[18724]: connect from 
> (
> May 20 16:06:28 PT-AGCMLX1 cvs: login refused for /srv/cvs
> I inserted strace in the cvspserver- line of inetd.conf. According to its 
> output, /etc/passwd is read, but neither /etc/shadow nor 
> /srv/cvs/CVSROOT/passwd

It might stop prior to authentication, if the CVS root directory is not
granted access at all...

In /usr/sbin/cvs-pserver there's a line that reads

exec /usr/bin/cvs -b /usr/bin ${cvs_tmp_dir} ${allow_root_opts} pserver

You could put an echo statement immediately before that line, e.g.

echo $allow_root_opt >/tmp/cvs-pserver.debug.$$

to see what $allow_root_opts actually expands to in your case.

Good luck,

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