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CVS: No such repository


I have a Debian server running Sarge running MySQL and CVS mainly.  All was working correctly until an upgrade this morning.

Now when I try and log into CVS I get an error saying "no such repository" - this is when I try and login locally or remotely.  I've checked again the permissions on the repository and they look OK, and the groups/owners are correct as well.  Also in the syslog I get the following error:-  cvs-pserver[709]: connect from ( and then "cvs: login refused for /data/cvs_home/repository_root".

Sorry if this is either a) a really simple thing to solve but it's causing me major problems as I have a numbers of users who cannot check code out at the moment or b) the wrong list to post this too, if so can someone please point me in the correct direction.

CVS version is  1.12.9 (client/server).

Thanks for your help.


Andrew Berry
IT Systems Administrator
Document Outsourcing Limited 	

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