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Re: Strange: Linux boots off a deleted partition [Was Re: Please help: Accidentally wiped off the whole hard disk!!!]

Deboo ^ wrote:

I was already wared about such a thing and that's why I did this small
trial. But now I am stuck what to do to get the data back ... other
than by getting a newer hard drive ...which would be hard on the
pocket for me.

Again, attempting to duplicate a problem like this is problematic at best.
I still think the fastest way to resolve the problem is direct examination
of the disk, with a good disk editor.

If I understand you correctly and your problem is not being confident of
the fdisk -l output, then I would think the next step is to simply
confirm everything you think you know about the problem by looking at
the disk itself.  This will enable you to verify what you suppose to
be the correct partition table parameters.  Then it should be safe to
just fdisk the correct parameters and try to mount the drive read-only.

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