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Re: Dydns service

On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 11:53:57PM +0530, Deboo ^ wrote:
> I have configured ddclient to update dyndns and when I type ddclient
> -ip my.ip.add.ress, the address gets updated at dyndns in mintes but I
> want to make ddclient do this automatically. I tried a number of
> options but ddclient fails to get my (ppp0) ip. What option do I need
> to make ddclient find my ip correctly and update dyndns? I can't find
> my ip in syslog.

We recently had a thread here on this (May 5th).  Look for
"how to determine WAN IP address from behind a NAT router?"
in the archives -- there were several suggestions...

ddclient itself offers a way to query your router's web status page
and extract your current external IP from it.
For example, I have this in my config (/etc/ddclient.conf):

fw-login=admin                 # router login
fw-password=my-router-passw    # and password
use=fw                         # get IP from firewall (router)
fw-skip='WAN IP Address'

"" is the HTTP URL to the router's status
page, and 'WAN IP Address' is the keyword after which the IP address is
found in the HTML returned by the router.
Of course, you'd have to figure out what those are in your case...


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