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Re: Dydns service

On 5/8/05, Pollywog <linux-debian@shadypond.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 08 May 2005 11:45 am, Deboo Geek wrote:
> > Anyone knowing of a dydns.org kind of cheap service? I would like to
> > use my own domain yet a cheaper service, because I would need it only
> > for a few minutes everyday and not after that.
> I use EasyDNS and I think $20 or so is cheap and I use my own domain.
> That does not include the domain registration, which you do not have to have
> with EasyDNS to use their dynamic DNS service.   You can do your updates with
> ddclient and also with some others.  My router does not support EasyDNS but
> ddclient can work with my router (a Linksys broadband router).
> 8)

I have configured ddclient to update dyndns and when I type ddclient
-ip my.ip.add.ress, the address gets updated at dyndns in mintes but I
want to make ddclient do this automatically. I tried a number of
options but ddclient fails to get my (ppp0) ip. What option do I need
to make ddclient find my ip correctly and update dyndns? I can't find
my ip in syslog.


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