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Re: Cannot remove 'execute' permission from vfat & ntfs partitions

On 06 May 2005, Jon Dowland wrote:
>Laura Melton wrote:

>>Thanks for asking this question; I hadn't realized it was possible to
>>remove the pesky executable permissions, so I hadn't even tried to find
>>out how to do it!
>It's not generally useful to do so, however - if it's a script, you 
>don't need +x to pass it as an argument to the interpreter, and you can 
>do the same thing with an ELF binary by passing the path as an argument 
>to the loader, afaik.

This is true, but I'm more concerned about aesthetics than utility.  I
merely don't want every file on my NTFS partitions showing up in green.

Shallow?  Maybe. :-)

ASCII silly question, get a silly ANSI.

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