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Re: do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?

Apparently, _Ritesh Raj Sarraf_, on 05/04/2005 04:51 PM,typed:
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Manoj Srivastava wrote:

So how do you tell make-kpkg to not clean everything for a
recompilation of a same version kernel with only a tiny change in
the config file?

       Are you sure that tine change shall be propagated to the
kernel that shall be built?

Reberto has mentioned 'do_clean := NO' method. Have you ever used
it? If not, what you do you use to avoid unnecessary recompilations
during tweaking of the config file?

       No, that won't do it. The do_clean := NO ensures that the tree
is not cleaned after the .deb is built.

The question is, what if  I am fiddling with some feature and want to do a
minor change to see if that fixes the problem. I shouldn't be made to do a
complete recompile just because I made one single minor change.
If you don't agree, you are ruining the pleasure of makefiles.

Exactly! It is actually quite strange that an obvious option doesn't exist to prevent *real* cleaning so that make utility is taken advantage of. make-kpkg has been around for quite a while. Surely the original author(s) thought about this issue. I wonder if I am actually missing something here.


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