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Re: Regex expert needed

According to Alan Chandler,
> On Wednesday 04 May 2005 08:41, Mr Mike wrote:
> > On Saturday 30 April 2005 03:42 pm, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > > I am using PHP and I am trying to parse a string into substrings
> ...
> >
> > You know...  if I ask this sorta question all I get is RTFM and in reality
> > that's the correct answer...  When I had regex questions I bought a couple
> > books and spent hours and hours reading and experimenting till I figured
> > out what I needed...  My personal thoughts here is, this guys' gettin a
> > free pass... while I ask for help on a legitimate topic like my apt CDROM
> > method fuckin up and nobody gives it a second look...
> I get plenty of questions that I ask here ignored, but I don't fret - I read 
> some more, figure a way of asking the question differently and try again.
> In this particular case, I read the manual thoroughly - but got confused 
> because I was asking a "not" match question.  So I googled around to try and 
> find the answer, but no luck.
> I then came here to ask the question - and I tried to ask it in such a way 
> that it would be an interesting puzzle for someone who thought they really 
> understood regex's. (should that be regex\'s :-))

There's enough traffic here that I doubt if anyone reads all
the messages.

Your best bet is to ask a clear and careful question.  I
tend to help when I can but I skip questions that are vague
or lazy require research time or are over my head (well,
sometimes I put my 2c in there too ;-) ).  Oh, and if the
subject line is vague or on a topic I have no interest, I 
never even get to the body.  I read a message mostly when I
think I may learn something.

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