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Re: do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?

Quoting Andres Järv <andresjarv@gmail.com>:

> Version tracking isn't important to me. I dont get it why i should need the
> deb either. And I don't like that the deb symlinks the kernel as the 
> default. What if the kernel fails? Isn't it good then to have another one in
> the Grub menu?

So then edit your grub menu to use the /vmlinuz and /vmlinuz.old symlinks and
then place these lines in /etc/kernel-img.conf:

do_symlinks = Yes
do_bootloader = no
do_bootfloppy = no

Then it will automatically update the symlinks for you (do_bootloader = no is
for GRUB, since it is not reinstalled for a new kernel).  Then when you reboot
and your new kernel fails, you can reboot again and choos the second one in
your list, which would have whatever name you gave it in menu.lst and point
to the kernel at /vmlinuz.old, which in turn points to the previous kernel you
were running.

It is really not difficult to get it the way you want.  The defaults are only
set the way they are becuase they are designed to work with the Debian pre-
packaged kernels, which many users install.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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