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Re: sarge apt and init daemons

Phil Dyer wrote:

Nope. Because that is not how it works or has ever worked. Your
expectation is skewed from reality (sorry).

Hate to keep beating this. But my response is:
Just because it's not how it's ever worked doesn't mean it's right. Can
you give me reasoning as to *why* it works like that? Any docs you can
point me to on this?

I'd also like to know the reason for this behavior. It seems to be that the most logical behavior would be:

1. On original install: debconf asks whether you want the services started.
2. On updates: if service is running,
service is stopped, updates are performed, and service is restarted (i.e. current behavior)
debconf asks whether you want the services started (i.e. treat as original install)
3. On remove/purge: service is stopped before removing

Is this not logical? Is there a reason that it doesn't work this way?

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