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Re: sarge apt and init daemons

In article <[🔎] 4276DC59.4080703@cox.net>,
Phil Dyer  <phil.dyer@cox.net> wrote:
>Miquel van Smoorenburg said:
>>>> If you want to keep updates from starting the daemon, just chmod 644 it.
>>>That sounds reasonable...and simple. :) thanks.
>> Reasonable, simple, and wrong :)
>> As long as one start or stop link is still present, update-rc.d will
>> not change the configuration. So just remove all start/stop links
>> except in, say, runlevel 5 or so. Since the default runlevel is
>> 2, the service will not be started ever.
>OK, although both solutions work, (I guess - I haven't tried the second
>solution) it still seems kludgy to me. If I use the debian supplied tool
>to remove a service from startup _totally_, and I use a debian supplied
>tool to update the system, shouldn't the latter honor my current config?

Nope. Because that is not how it works or has ever worked. Your
expectation is skewed from reality (sorry).

>I don't think I should have to remeber to chmod this or fake out that. I
>have no problems doing either, it just seems odd that the best system
>update tool available can check to see if my conf files have been
>modified and let me choose whether to overwrite, but it doesn't check to
>see how I've configured services.

It does.


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