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Re: sarge apt and init daemons

In article <42739A26.6030502@cox.net>,
Phil Dyer  <phil.dyer@cox.net> wrote:
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>David Clymer wrote:
>> The debian post install script probably doest go through the rc.*
>> directories looking for runlevel entries since these are all just
>> symlinks to a script in /etc/init.d/. All that it probably checks for is
>> that the /etc/init.d/<whatever> script exists and is executable. Then,
>> on the assumption that its generally a good idea to stop and start
>> daemons when upgrading them, it does so. 
>I just think it would be a good idea to not start something that's not
>running anyway. Check to see if the proc is running and if it is, restart.

In a lot of cases, the service is stopped in the preinst script,
and (re-)started in the postinst script. So your suggestion doesn't

>> If you want to keep updates from starting the daemon, just chmod 644 it.
>That sounds reasonable...and simple. :) thanks.

Reasonable, simple, and wrong :)

As long as one start or stop link is still present, update-rc.d will
not change the configuration. So just remove all start/stop links
except in, say, runlevel 5 or so. Since the default runlevel is
2, the service will not be started ever.


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