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Re: sarge apt and init daemons

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Miquel van Smoorenburg said:
>>OK, although both solutions work, (I guess - I haven't tried the second
>>solution) it still seems kludgy to me. If I use the debian supplied tool
>>to remove a service from startup _totally_, and I use a debian supplied
>>tool to update the system, shouldn't the latter honor my current config?
> Nope. Because that is not how it works or has ever worked. Your
> expectation is skewed from reality (sorry).

Hate to keep beating this. But my response is:
Just because it's not how it's ever worked doesn't mean it's right. Can
you give me reasoning as to *why* it works like that? Any docs you can
point me to on this?

My expectation, I guess, comes from other systems, like redhat, that
won't turn on a service during an upgrade. Of course that was not
perfect either, as I don't think up2date would restart the services you
*were* running.

>>I don't think I should have to remeber to chmod this or fake out that. I
>>have no problems doing either, it just seems odd that the best system
>>update tool available can check to see if my conf files have been
>>modified and let me choose whether to overwrite, but it doesn't check to
>>see how I've configured services.
> It does.

It does... what? If it checked to see if I've turned off a service and
prompted me for action, then I don't think I would have started this
thread. :)
Again, I'd just like some reasoning on this.

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