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Re: Internet Troubles (Was Gnome to KDE)

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 06:15, David R. Litwin wrote:

> 3: Why can't I set up my printer? When I execute the nice little wizard, it
> detects my printer, an HP DeskJet 842C, says that. Then, next page, it says
> that the manufacturer is ESP, with the model being HP Deskjet Series or HP
> New DesktJet Series. When I go to print a test page, it demands I give a
> password. I do, it says it is wrong. I did it about ten times to make sure.
> Even root will not work. Fine, I click next. I enter a name (HPDeskJet842C)
> and click finished: It's happy. After I type in another password as root. I
> go to print test page, it says it sent it: No go. WHY NOT?!

CUPS uses it's own passwords, I think.  At least, it won't recognise your own 
username and password, but is set up to recognise root's initially.  So, yes, 
it will say the password is wrong if you try to use the wrong account or 

On not printing, you'll have to check the printer status from whatever GUI 
you're using (KDE's printer config, GNOME's, or possibly the cups web 
interface at http://localhost:631 ?), or via the lpstat and lpq commands.  
Bear in mind that it can take a (very) long time for printing at high 
resolutions, so you may think nothing is happening.  I keep CUPS configured 
to 300 DPI for speed.


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