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Internet Troubles (Was Gnome to KDE)

On second thought, I think I do.

1: I really would like to know how to sign in as the root.
2: When I promt pppd, it says some thing to the effect that it could not get authentication from a foreing host (do not quote me on that. I can get you the actuall text, if you wish it). Some thing wron with the daemon?
3: Why can't I set up my printer? When I execute the nice little wizard, it detects my printer, an HP DeskJet 842C, says that. Then, next page, it says that the manufacturer is ESP, with the model being HP Deskjet Series or HP New DesktJet Series. When I go to print a test page, it demands I give a password. I do, it says it is wrong. I did it about ten times to make sure. Even root will not work. Fine, I click next. I enter a name (HPDeskJet842C) and click finished: It's happy. After I type in another password as root. I go to print test page, it says it sent it: No go. WHY NOT?!
4: I'll wait for the rest of my miseries. Let's try to work this stuff out.

Thank you in Advance.

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