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Re: do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?

On Sun, 01 May 2005 18:41:36 -0400, H S <greatexcalibur@yahoo.com> said: 

> Hi, I am compiling a new kernel and tinkering with various
> options. If I just compiled a new version and just want to make
> slight changes in it, do I really need to do "make-kpkg clean" and
> wait an hour before I get a new one?

	No, not if you know what you are doing. There are folks who
 are not aware of consequences of some changes, and it is easier to
 just have them make clean than to figure out what went wrong
 later. The idea is that someone who does a lot of recompiles, and is
 aware that their changes do not affect the kernel, does not change
 the UCS_VERSION string, etc, can work around the make-kpkg mechanisms.

	It did not help that older kernel build system sometimes did
 not recompile the required portions on an edit.

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