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Re: usb tv card - small computers

On Tuesday 03 May 2005 04:26 am, Walter Hoolwerf wrote:
> The thing is, I like the mac mini so much because it's small, nice
> designed and (as I've been told) really silent. I'm not sure if there
> are any x86 alternatives which have at least the "very silent" and "not
> very large and ugly" properties. I guess with some searching I should
> be able to find one.

Tons of google results on this topic.
I built an Antec Aria with a MicroATX board with very good results.
The laptop is now running XP when I need it, so the Compro Ultra TV-in thingy 
can run uninterrupted by my sisters need to log into her websites from the 
other room (Linux as a router and desktop).

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