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Re: usb tv card

On Monday 02 May 2005 03:10 am, Walter Hoolwerf wrote:
> > I just decided to buy a cheap, good external tv tuner, and let the
> > Linux support be damned since Mother's Day is quickly approaching and
> > my present was moving the VHS tapes to DVD...
> > http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814160027
> >
> > So, I'll install Windows, unplug the network cable, and for a few
> > hours, close my eyes and let there be one Linux-unfriendly piece of
> > hardware on my box.
> I'm afraid I wont be having that option. My system will run a private
> mail server for a dozen users, also ftp and webserver, and also mythtv
> to act as a video recorder/multimedia center.
> so booting into windows wont really be an option I'm afraid :) It would
> eventually get some users pissed.

Yeah, I haven't had to install/boot Windows in over a year, so it was an odd 
experience. It's so fast-seeming, but then I look around and realize that I 
have to do everything manually and it has weird blocking behavior.

> But I do get your point: linux support for these cards really isn't as
> good as support for a lot of other devices is. It's not to bad though
> if you are using a PCI card

Don't let waiting for Linux support stop you from doing something great with 
cheap hardware...as much as it pains me to say: just get a slow Windows box 
for the input and then transfer the data to your Linux box for the 


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