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Re: usb tv card

On 2005-05-03 01:20:10 +0200, Brendan <mailinglist@endosquid.com> said:

Don't let waiting for Linux support stop you from doing something great with cheap hardware...as much as it pains me to say: just get a slow Windows box for the input and then transfer the data to your Linux box for the processing.

yeah, well. Maybe I really wont have a choice. But I think I'll keep looking for possibilities.

I guest one might be not to go for the mac mini, but to get a small (and really silent) x86 computer, so I can put a pci card in it. Those cards usually have much better support.

The thing is, I like the mac mini so much because it's small, nice designed and (as I've been told) really silent. I'm not sure if there are any x86 alternatives which have at least the "very silent" and "not very large and ugly" properties. I guess with some searching I should be able to find one.

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