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Re: Mouse on console

Deboo Geek wrote:

On 5/1/05, s. keeling <keeling@spots.ab.ca> wrote:
Incoming from Deboo Geek:
Yes, I'm doing it on the usual console, not under X.

Here's the file content of gpm.conf:

Mine says /dev/ttyS0

If you make repeat_type=raw, you can tell X to use /dev/gpmdata, once
you've sorted out "type=..."

Here's some relevant info from the Howto at http://dman13.dyndns.org/~dman/config_docs/gpm-X/node3.html

One comment.  Using repeat_type=raw is the *wrong* thing to do.  Yes,
it works in some cases, but not all cases.  The officially recommended
solution: tell gpm to export repeat_type=ms3, and tell X to use device
type 'IntelliMouse', regardless of your actual mouse type.  The bonus
is, not only does it always work, but it's simpler: the only variable
you have to figure out is the gpm name for your mouse protocol; the
XFree86 protocol name never changes, it's always IntelliMouse.

I can't explain it any better than the GPM maintainer, Zephaniah Hull,
already did.  See http://bugs.debian.org/233933 for the context:

  I have said it MANY times, and I will say it again.

  There is exactly ONE protocol which it is valid to talk to gpm over
  /dev/gpmdata with, and that protocol is NOT PS/2.

  No matter how much people scream and yell about how it works fine,
  this is a perfect example of why trying to use a bi-directional
  protocol over a fifo DOES NOT WORK.

  The protocol you need to use is the one gpm calls ms3, X calls it
  IntelliMouse, which is the serial version of the IMPS/2 protocol,
  however it is NOT bi-directional, it has 3 buttons, a wheel, and it
  is safe to use over the fifo.

I changed it to /dev/ttyS0 and now atleast  ps shows it's running,
though now the mouse under X is slower to respond it seems.
The above quote may be relevant to your responsiveness.

IIRC, you can also set the responsiveness in X with xset (man xset).


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