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Re: Mouse on console

On 5/2/05, s. keeling <keeling@spots.ab.ca> wrote:
> Incoming from Deboo Geek:
> >
> > FIrst of all thanks a lot to Kent for pasting me the info from some
> > howto, that did the work. setting the protocol to ms3 worked. Now, the
> > only thing remaing is making the mouse work smoothly on console and X
> > both. WOuld I need to play with the responsiveness and xset settings
> > for this? When gpm is running, The X mouse becomes unstable -
> > sometimes when clicking, it just goes at the top of the screen.
> What's X using for the mouse device?  /dev/gpmdata, or something else?
> If the latter, change it to /dev/gpmdata
> > I had installed the maintainer's config file since I thought it's just
> > gpm,  and shouldn't be harmful.
> She/He likely has a different mouse.  Probably wise to install theirs
> (potential new features), but that means you have to tweak the config
> afterward to match your own.

Thanks for the advise, I'll remember before overwriting, this tweaking
took quite a few months to get my mouse working back in console. Good
lesson learnt :)


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