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Re: printing under debian

On Saturday 30 Apr 2005 6:34 am, David Clymer wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 14:42 +0530, Jpydeep Bakshi wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I had no problem at-all to take printout from Epson-C20SX when I used to
> > work under KDE. the K-print-wizard and KDE-print-manager did everything
> > from printer configuration to set resolution.  .
> >
> > now I am in icewm. so no more help from KDE-tools. so how can I configure
> > printer under icewm. I used Lprng but I like to adopt the *CUPS* system,
> > so what are the packages I need for cups ?
> cupsys is the package you'll want. You can configure it by pointing your
> browser to http://localhost:631

Hi David,
thanks a lot for this info. when I do *apt-cache search cupsys*    I can see 
some more packages like cupsys-bsd  cupsys-clent etc. etc.  should I need 
these packages too ?
> > printtool is there, but it need tcl/tk means GUI mode. is not there any
> > good CUI tool in debian for printer configuration with cups ?
> The only way to configure it without the web interface or some other gui
> tool is to edit the config files, AFAIK.

I have found *printconf*  for printer detection & configuration with CUPS , 
but it comes with a huge packages like samba support etc.
> -davidc

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