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Re: Samba update moved my shares (again)

On 2005-04-23, Roberto C. Sanchez penned:
> I have yet to experience this.  Everytime I set up a server I always
> split out the filesystems and make /usr read-only.  The only issue
> that I have encountered is that I have configured apt to remount rw
> before starting an upgrade and then remount ro afterwards.  This is
> an issue because, occasionally, a package is update for a library
> used by a running process (e.g., libssl) and all of the running
> processes need to be restarted manually after apt chokes and errors
> out when the remount ro fails.  It is slightly annoying, but nothing
> real serious, except when something requires that I restart
> basically all the services (since I hate to reboot :).

That's probably what I remembered.  It does seem like a pain.  It
bothers me to reboot just to install a new kernel, let alone after
updating some packages!  This ain't a microsoft OS!

Before a recent power outage (my old UPS died and this is actually the
first outage at this house), I had a 200+ day uptime ... now that's
the power of linux.


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