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Re: suspending programs

hi ya

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, roberto wrote:
> Hello,
>  i usually run large simulations, and it happened sometimes power to go down 
> suddenly, i don't know why.

what is the cpu temp at the time of the shutdown ??
	- are you monitoring cpu temp ( should be 40-50C )...

	- some motherboards shut itself down at anywhere from 80-110C

	- are you watching if you ran out of real memory and swap space

	- are you watching your power supply voltages

	- all else .. you have a bug in the sw you're using

- and it is a very good thing for the cpu to shut itself down if its
  dying from too much heat

>  I'd like to restart my programs just at the same point where they have been 
> suspended.

are you save the sate fo the simulation ?? if not ...it's impossible to 
continue from where you crashed

c ya

-- btw.. i'd like $50B too so that i can buy microshit and shutdown the
   company :-) .. its late :-0

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