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Re: Help needed on kernel upgrade

On 4/18/05, Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> Hello
> Rogerio D. Nascimento (<raconsult@gmail.com>) wrote:
> > I've downloaded and installed woody, then customized the sources.list
> > file and successfully upgraded my system to sid ("apt-get update" and
> > then "apt-get dist-upgrade").
> >
> > Then I tried to get rid of the old 2.2.20 kernel that prevents me from
> > installing my Nvidia Geforce4 card driver (yes, I've never seen X11
> > running on Debian yet). I was so happy to get package
> > kernel-image-2.4.27-2-686 installed but felt frustrated realizing that
> > my eth0 device had gone.
> First of all, the Woody installation kernel is not known to the package
> management. To remove it using apt, install the package
> kernel-image-2.2.20idepci and remove it again, or remove the vmlinuz
> file and the modules directory manually.
> Second, where did you get the new kernel from? There are 2.4 kernel
> packages available in Woody, but only 2.4.18, not 2.4.27.

I got the 2.4.27 after performing an apt-get update pointing my sources.list
do the unstable version.

> > I can see that /boot/config-2.2.20-idepci file has some configuration
> > lines regarding my ethernet card:
> > CONFIG_RTL8139=y
> >
> > ... and /boot/config-2.4.27-2-686 has the following eth0-related
> > lines: CONFIG_8139CP=m
> > CONFIG_8139TOO=m
> > CONFIG_8139TOO_PIO=y
> >
> > My questions:
> > 1. How can I make the new kernel recognize my eth0 and home network
> > as the old one does?
> All you need to do is to load the 8139too driver module. The old kernel
> had a compatible driver (rtl8139) built-in, so you didn't need to load
> it. Add the module name to /etc/modules. To load it right now, use
> # modprobe rtl8139too

# modprobe rtl8139too
modprobe: Can't locate module rtl8139too

# modprobe 8139too
8139too Fast Ethernet driver 0.9.26
PCI: Found IRQ 5 for device 02:0e.0
eth0: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xd800, etc, etc

Unfortunatelly I still can't reach my network, even after "ifconfig eth0 up"

And putting "alias eth0 8138too" on /etc/modules.conf had no effect.
I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure out what or when.


Rogerio Delfino Nascimento

> > 2. Am I wrong expecting apt-get install kernel-image command to build
> > a new kernel with the old hw configuration without such problems?
> >
> > Sorry about this long e-mail, but I'm trying to get Debian running as
> > my Knoppix live-CD does, recognizing all my system hw including usb
> > plug-and-play devices, graphics card, etc.
> The hardware detection in Knoppix is far better than in Woody. You could
> install discover, but I don't know how useful the version in Woody is.
> You also should install hotplug, and /maybe/ think about switching to
> Debian Sarge, the next version. It has not been released yet, but
> depending on what you want to use your computer for, it may be more
> useful that Woody.
> best regards
>        Andreas Janssen
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