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Re: xmms plugins for m4p

I cannot believe that it's such a problem finding code of reasonable
quality for an xmms plugin to play m4p. Now, I'm not sure what it
involves, but if someone can write a 50kb plugin for winamp, which
works without any hitches, I'm sure someone can come up with something
AT LEAST as useful for linux.

And I just saw my previous post - very incoherent indeed - I was
really pissed last night. Sorry bout that.  :)

If and when I get the time, I might just write it myself.

p.s: I'm not lookin for plugins or software OTHER THAN xmms for this.

On 4/18/05, a.list.address@gmail.com <a.list.address@gmail.com> wrote:
> VLC can play M4A files.  I've used it to test my M4A cell phone
> ringers before uploading them to my phone.

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