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Re: Off-Topic: Connection between martial arts and F/OS Software

* Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> [2005 Apr 16 11:32 -0500]:

> Well I would say that any human endeavour requiring concentration, 
> perseverance, problem solving (real time sometimes), determination is 
> what attracts many of us and can take any form, from a well perfomed 
> kata, a good win in a kumite match, but also debugging Linux, flying a 
> sailplane (which has been my previous passion for about 10 years), 
> getting in bed with the object of your passion or understanding how to 
> stretch the money you earn over those long 30 days :)

How about wrenching on old motorcycles?  A year ago I bought a 1979
Kawasaki KZ650 which, while in pretty good shape, needed (and still
needs) some wrenching to make truly road worthy.  I've also needed a
bit of patience to troll eBay for needed good used parts.  Some believe
there is a zen to motorcycling and some others believe there is a zen
to old motorcycles.  I think it's fun!

I guess Debian and Linux have gotten so stable that I needed an outlet
for my need to tinker with things.  Heck, a couple of months back I
bought an IBM T23 Thinkpad and used rsync to move things from my 390E
to the T23 (I had already installed Knoppix to another partition and
set up Grub), edited Grub's menu.lst, booted into Debian, ran
alsa-config, edited XF86Config to match the one on the Knoppix
partition, and added an alias in /etc/modules for the built-in Ethernet
and viola! everything just ran like it had before.  It wasn't even a

Now, I'm scrounging parts for my old Kawasaki KL250 that's been sitting
in pieces for the past 14 years.  I need just a couple more to start
its rebuild which I'll do once the 650 is finished.  After that I may
have to find another project bike.

- Nate >>

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