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Re: Off-Topic: Connection between martial arts and F/OS Software

Brad Sims wrote:
Hrm, is shooting firearms considered a martial art? I am not a skilled shot, but
I do enjoy the self-control you need for target shooting.

 I am an admitted lousy shot, but I can put twelve .38Spl rounds in an inch
and a half group at eleven yards with my pistol, and turn in a four inch group
with a rifle that only shoots a 3-5MOA anyway.
Firearms are intricate, elegant machines that require your full attention
at all times... rather like Debian Sid <g> .

Well I would say that any human endeavour requiring concentration, perseverance, problem solving (real time sometimes), determination is what attracts many of us and can take any form, from a well perfomed kata, a good win in a kumite match, but also debugging Linux, flying a sailplane (which has been my previous passion for about 10 years), getting in bed with the object of your passion or understanding how to stretch the money you earn over those long 30 days :)


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