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Re: jigdo Sarge DVD download broken?

Thanks for your reply Sønke.

> I have no experience with Jidgo, but do you really need a DVD with
> over 3GB of files?

I am new to Linux and may need to reinstall if I really louse things up
while experimenting. It appears convenient to have everything on one or
two DVDs, rather than having to download every time I install. I'm sure
I will only explore a fraction of the 8000+ packages in the distro, but
again it will be convenient to do a quick install from DVD, only
updating from the web if I decide to use it.

> The problem is probably that a lot of the files referenced in the
> template from 23 march are removed or updated to newer versions.

If files in the 'Testing' distro are updated more frequently than the
'jigdo' or 'template' files, then it would appear that jigdo will
rarely work. If so,I wonder what is the point of Debian providing this
method of downloading 'Testing'?

> Unless your debian system will have no network access a network
> install will be the better solution.
> Check out http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

I'll certainly give it a try.

Thanks again,


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