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jigdo Sarge DVD download broken?

I am using the Windows version of jigdo - no Linux yet ...
I successfully used jigdo to download Woody DVD iso, and installed OK,
but could not get it to work with my network, graphics and sound
hardware. I'm hoping that Sarge will work better.
I have downloaded about 3GB of files for sarge-i386-1.iso using the
jigdo & template files dated 23 March 05, but have seen frequent 'ERROR
404: Not Found' messages, and now get these constantly with no further
successful file downloads. I have tried resuming from various UK & US
mirrors, with the same result. I have re-downloaded the jigdo and
template files but get the same problem. Could the jigdo or template
files contain errors? Has anyone else tried this DVD download via

Thanks for any advice,


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