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Re: general questions (not urgent)


Mohammad Halawah (<mhalawah@gmail.com>) wrote:

First of all, if you open a new thread by asking a question, write a new
message and don't answer to an existing one.

> I have some questions which are independent
> (Sarge 2.6.10)
> [...]
> 2)when run  kcmlinuz  I can't access the kernel

You need to install the kernel source and probably tell kcmlinuz where
it is. I suggest you don't use kcmlinuz and use make xconfig or make
menuconfig instead. You need to install the ncurses-dev (menuconfig) or
libqt-mt-dev (xconfig) packages.

> 3)how to remove the configuation files for a removed pkg ?
> of course I can make a stupid thing like
> apt-get install UN-WANTED-PKG
> apt-get remove --purge UN-WANTED-PKG
> if there is an alternative that would be better

dpkg --purge packagename

> 4)I selected the "powersave" profile in klaptop (battary monitoring
> daemon) unfortunately I need to activate it with every boot.
> so I made a script in the rcconf but the problem is that returns 
> "cannot connect to xserver" and it is not functioning
> for this one I triyed to make kdm activated before my script in the
> "ksysv "
> (95 kdm      )
> (99 MyScript)
>  but no luck.

No, it doesn't work that way. I suppost the klaptop program is supposed
to run under your user ID, so you need to be logged into X, and start
the program from within the X server, or tell it which DISPLAY to use.
The best way is probably to write a small skript and place it in

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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