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Re: general questions (not urgent)

On 4/15/05, Mohammad Halawah <mhalawah@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have some questions which are independent

If they're not closely related, then generally you should put each in
a separate message, ideally with a more meaningful subject.  That
makes it a lot easier for potential responders to identify where they
can help.

> 1)normally the console should terminate the running process if (ctrl+C) both
> pressed but in my machine ,it is not so I search for the process (e.g. ping
> OR e.g.  find  /etc  -name *) and kill it. If some one can lead me
> to activate that feachure

Some processes ignore the signal sent by C-c (SIGQUIT?).  You can
usually send SIGKILL with C-\, though.  Other options are C-z to put
the process in the background, and then killing it with the job id, or
using killall from another console/xterm.  Be careful with the latter,
though, since it will kill all of the processes with that name.

Michael A. Marsh

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