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Re: howto setup color local terminal?

On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 18:31, Bruno Hertz wrote:
> Pub around the corner for a beer :)

Or 2...

> Not sure. Maybe try 'tack' on the console. It lets you test your
> terminal, including color tests. Not sure how much diagnostic it gives
> on errors, though.

I tried this remotely and it worked well, but locally tack said all the
tests passed but plainly it was still in mono....

Then I rebooted with the monitor and keyboard connected and now I have
colour locally too! Weird.... Must be some sort of boot time device
recognition thing.....

> As to the reasons why colors don't work, my guess would be a broken
> ncurses or terminfo setup resp. installation. I presume that e.g. 'ls'
> doesn't output ansi escape sequences in 'clear text', so ncurses
> itself might already think that your terminal is not color
> capable. All this is wild guessing, though. Any term guru listening
> may step in, please.

Thanks for the help!


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