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Re: Lost all my project data, file recovery tool? Urgent!

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
On 2005-04-14, Matthias Kaeppler penned:

I have sent an email to the package maintainer (since he is
responsible for the de-/installation scripts, not the cvsd author).
I'll wait for his answer before I file a bug.

I don't understand why you are pursuing the matter this way. If you
file a grave bug, it will not only notify the package maintainer, but
also users who scan bug reports periodically.  By emailing only the
author and this list (especially with a subject line that doesn't
indicate the cause of the problem), only the package maintainer and a
few people who happened to read the contents of your email know about
the issue.

Can you explain why you think email is better than filing a bug

Yes, because what if the fault was on my side? I won't file a bug unless I'm 100% sure it /is/ a bug. I have received an answer from the package maintainer in the meantime, and it turned out that the directory was deleted because cvsd used it as a chroot jail (which itself and all of its subdirectories get deleted on deinstallation). So I guess the fault /was/ on my side because I didn't inform myself enough about what chroot jails are and how they are handled.

It looks like the only "bug" was in my attention regarding the installation/deinstallation messages. Errare humanum est.

Matthias Kaeppler

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