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Re: OT: onboard video dead, what next?

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005 22:10:34 -0500
Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:

> Matt Price wrote:
> >hi folks,
> >
> >ok, what do I do now...  I have a Dell Optiplex GX1 (Don't kno much
> >about the motherboard 'cept it's a funky folded-up board w/ the PCI
> >slots at right angles to the rest of the board).  It seems to me to
> >boot up fine, to find, for instance, the hard drive and the CD;
> >ethernet connects fine (I can ping but naught else -- I think the
> >hard drive has windows something-or-other installed on it); but I get
> >no signal out of the onboard video (this worked fine last time I
> >tried the machine out but it's been used by a not-so-careful friend
> >for a while).  I actually want to set this up as a server so am not
> >too particular about the video access.. but I guess I need video to
> >e.g. see the BIOS screen or any other such thing.  
> >
> First, the obvious. There's not another video card inserted, is there?
> If so, either plug into it, or unplug it from the board.
> Second, google for the procedure to reset the BIOS and do that.
> Third, slap another video card in temporarily and use it.

Or fourth, take the hard drive out and put it in an x86 machine with a
good video card, do the installation, and move it back to the server
box. (Make sure to install ssh before moving the hard drive back to the
server box. :-)


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