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Re: cannot eject or retract cdrom tray anymore

H. S. wrote:
Apparently, _Joachim Fahnenmueller_, on 04/14/2005 01:47 PM,typed:


from man eject:

The  device  corresponding  to <name> is ejected. The name
can be a device file or mount point, either a full path or
with  the  leading "/dev" or "/mnt" omitted. If no name is
specified, the default name "cdrom" is used.

hmm ... then how we explain the working of "eject cdrw"?


My recollection from the OP (which has been snipped) was that the cdrw had been mounted in the standard place (/dev/cdrw) whereas the cdrom had been mounted at /cdrom (and presumably no /dev/cdrom symlink created). From the way I understand the information from the manpage above, when a "bare device" name is passed as an argument (without a full path), the eject program apparently tries to prepend /dev/ (and/or /mount/) to the name given (and apparently doesn't try appending a simple "/" which would look in the root directory for the device).


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