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Re: copy partition from a remote server

On Friday 08 April 2005 23:59, Frederic Guillet wrote:
>i want to run a daily back-up of an entire HD (160GO) remotely.
>Do you know any tool that can perform this on an incremental basis?

No backup program will do an incremental unless it has a full in its 
database for diffs reference.  End of discussion for any backup 
regime worthy of the name.

What I'm doing here, with about 90GB of data on 5 drives in two 
machines, is I have amanda setup to use virtual tapes on a 200GB 6th 
drive, with a backup cycle 4 days long.  That means that everything 
gets a full at some point in any one 4 day period, and incrementals 
the other 3 days.  Because amanda keeps very good index records, my 
recovery of a file I accidentally zeroed out playing with tr a couple 
of days ago, was about a 5 minute job with amrecover.  Disks are 
beaucoup faster than tapes for stuff like that.

Amanda scales up very well, the USDA is using it, and there are other 
equally impressive public institutions using it all over.  For more 
info, see <http://www.amanda.org>

Also, don't mess with the rpms, they are often not configured for what 
you want to do.  Build you own from the tarballs you can download 
from a link near the bottom of that page above.

Cheers, Gene
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