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Re: copy partition from a remote server

On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, Gene Heskett wrote:

> No backup program will do an incremental unless it has a full in its 
> database for diffs reference.

those apps that needs to diff something should be tossed out the door
and will be if i'm the bozo responsible for 100% data backup and

incremental backups can be done without any prior data of anything just
depends on how the incremental is done 
	lots of unix cmd doesnt care about the previous commands
	in order to perfom the one its told to do

	"find | tar" ... replace with your favorite proper tools
	full backups of anything .. except those thingies
	and incremental of this and that from the past n-days/weeks/months

and i say 90% of incrementals are done incorrectly ...

	- ie .... full backups didn't occur as planned ...so now what??
	and ALL subsequent incrementals are now worthless

there are hundreds of things that can or will go wrong with backups ...

	- there are very very few that address each of those points
	and unfortunately, veritas is one of those that is pretty good
	at it .. but its not free... so its not in the picture

c ya

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