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Re: rediscovering hardware

Tom Allison wrote:

> Hello,
> I replaced my motherboard after an accident.
> Everything mostly works, but a lot of the on board hardware (sound in
> particular) isn't the same as the old board.
> I know the installation process (sarge installer) does a great job
> finding out what I have and setting it up.
> How can I "re-discover" the hardware on this machine and remove/add
> modules accordingly?
You can remove modules with the "rmmod" command, or by using "modconf".
Or you can simply comment/remove the lines in "/etc/modules" and reboot.

With recent kernels and Debian versions (Sid, Testing), most of the
hardware should detect automagically. For those items that don't
autodetect, you can use "lspci" to find the chipset of the offending
device, then use "modconf" to try loading relevant modules.


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