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Re: rediscovering hardware

According to Kent West,
> Tom Allison wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I replaced my motherboard after an accident.
> >
> > Everything mostly works, but a lot of the on board hardware (sound in
> > particular) isn't the same as the old board.
> >
> > I know the installation process (sarge installer) does a great job
> > finding out what I have and setting it up.
> >
> > How can I "re-discover" the hardware on this machine and remove/add
> > modules accordingly?
> >
> >
> You can remove modules with the "rmmod" command, or by using "modconf".
> Or you can simply comment/remove the lines in "/etc/modules" and reboot.
> With recent kernels and Debian versions (Sid, Testing), most of the
> hardware should detect automagically. For those items that don't
> autodetect, you can use "lspci" to find the chipset of the offending
> device, then use "modconf" to try loading relevant modules.

The automagical bit is discover...

: Package: discover (2.0.7-2)
: hardware identification system
: Discover is a hardware identification system based on the
: libdiscover2 library. Discover provides a flexible interface
: that programs can use to report a wide range of information
: about the hardware that is installed on a Linux system. In
: addition to reporting information, Discover includes support
: for doing hardware detection at boot time.
: Discover was contributed by Progeny.
: co-Maintainers   
: Jeff Licquia [mail]
: Ian Murdock [mail]

Thanks, Jeff, Ian.


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