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Re: Personal Finance w/Online Banking

On Wednesday 06 April 2005 11:50, Michael Satterwhite wrote:
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>Intuit is going to prevent online banking from working on older
> versions of Quicken in about a week. This, of course, is nothing
> more than a way to force people who don't need an upgrade to buy a
> new copy of their software.
>Does anyone know what native Linux finance packages - if any - would
>support online banking. That's a required feature for any software
>package I use to replace Quicken. I use Wells Fargo for my bank if
> that makes any difference.
I've been using mozilla to do my online banking for a long time, and I 
used an amiga running IBrowse before that.  I have a surefire plan 
when the banks do something stupid, I just keep walking my way up to 
the district manager or farther until they do away with any IE 
specific crap on their web server, even going so far as to submit the 
pages to the w3c consortiums test site and emailing them the results.

Usually, when they see concrete evidence of broken html, its fixed the 
next day and I've never had to make good on finding a new bank in 15 
years (yet).  They, generally speaking, would _not_ like to see my 
account moved.

>Thanks for any suggestions.
>- ---Michael
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Cheers, Gene
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