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Re: X.org

On Wednesday 06 April 2005 09:31, Marc Wilson wrote:
>On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 12:29:14PM +0200, Hans du Plooy wrote:
>> I'm just curious.  I see that neither Sarge or Sid has X.org in. 
>> I can understand the devs not wanting to change too much on sarge,
>> but I would have expected that Sid would have included X.org by
>> now.
>Ah, someone else who'll just die or something if they don't get
> x.org.
>> Anybody know why?

Sure, thats an easy answer Marc. x.org, pure and simple, works.  XFree 
also worked, getting around like a 2 legged pig.  Like tuxracer for 
instance, under XFree, ran about 1 frame every 3 seconds, and it 
often took me over a minute because of the mouse lag, to actually hit 
the quit button.  And when it quit, it left the screen corrupted and 
the keyboard dead.  I could hit the rest button and reboot, or I 
could, if I was willing to wait an excruciatingly long time, log in 
from the firewall box with ssh, kill what was left of x and if that 
didn't get me a console back, reboot to restart it.

Thats not what I could call a mature, friendly XWindow system.  I have 
had no such problems while running x.org.

Is that reason enough to want the transition to x.org to be made?  
Yes, IMO, more than enough reason.  And for those that are still 
running XFree's code and have a problem, theres no double support 
issue at all, you've made the switch and XFree is no longer 
supported.  If they want support for a broken XFree install, advise 
them to email XFree.  But I don't think there are any real coders 
left at XFree anyway, so thats probably a waste of time.  To fix 
their problem, just have them install 6.8.1 or later from x.org.  It 
Just Works(TM).  What more can I say?

When XFree changed the license I'm amazed that the purists of debian 
didn't toss them out the next day.  I totally fail to see any real 
reason not to make the jump and get back into the linux camp on this 

>And all the endless traffic about it on debian-user, debian-devel,
> and (oh, gosh) debian-x didn't answer your question?  Nah, that'd
> have required you to actually look.

The excuses we've seen so far don't pass the will it hold water

>Briefly put... it would be nice if Sarge gets released sometime this
>millennium.  To that end, X will not transition to X.org until after
> Sarge releases.

And debian purists are stuck with a dead, unsupported x until the year 
2100?  That doesn't seem very fair to me.

>Unless you think Branden has endless time to maintain *two* released
> X trees.

He doesn't have to Marc, see above. XFree cut their own throat, and we 
should let them fade away into the sunset as all such organizations 
who thought they were the only game in town have before them.

Cheers, Gene
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