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Re: yahoo instant messenger (im)

On Wednesday 06 April 2005 04:50 am, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Tuesday April 5 2005 3:42 am, hja123 wrote:
> > In the yahoo website, it is mentioned the im is available as
> > package ymessenger for woody, to download and install with 'dpkg
> > -i'. I am running 'sarge' and prefer to install it with 'apt-get
> > install'. I tried but failed. apt-cache search could not locate any
> > ymessenger package. Is there a way around it?
> Use Kopete or a Jabber client with a server that has a Yahoo
> transport?  The latter requires slightly more setup but is simpler to
> deal with in the long run.

AFAIK ymessenger is available only from the Yahoo website, it is available as 
a Debian package but you need to download it and then use dpkg to install.
Kopete is a good alternative and Kopete can encrypt messages with GnuPG.


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