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Re: To unsubscribe or not...

Jacques d'Aragon wrote:
I only realised today only that I (and many other users also), wishing
to unsubscribe, send the message to the wrong address.
The message should go to: debian-user-REQUEST@lists.debian.org  -- NOT
just: debian-user@lists.debian.org.  The word request being in capital,
how I managed to miss it I'll never know.
BTW the reason I am unsubscribing is just that the sheer volume of
messages is more than I can handle. Besides, the archives give access to
every message that ever was sent to the list, no need to read everything
every day.

I think that they just capitalized it in the auto-appended footer to get
peoples attention.  If you read the RFC regarding SMTP you will find
that compliant applications are required to ignore case when dealing
with addresses.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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